«Through her creativity, Sylvia Castells brings us closer to an art that connects us intimately to Nature.

In her most personal quest, she puts chaos in order to reach the essence hidden in her sculptures which, under her hands, magically turn into creatures full of life.

Life. This is what Sylvia gives to the roots, branches and barks of trees she finds on her path in the Mediterranean woods where she lives.

Her hand carved work reveals beautiful textures in the wood that are saved from the time it was alive, today coated with layers of colours where her own personality shines through. We could say that her art has reminiscences of Poveda art and Land art, although a bit further, however she takes us further into the Nexus of Nature.

An honest and sincere work to make us smile and dream.»

Cori Torroja Marsal
Art crític
Plastic and visual artist
Professor of the BBAA
Graduate in Art
Art exhibition commissionar
Gallery owner

«The creative work of Sylvia Castells reflects the personality and the sensitivity of the artist. Her work is honest. She finds her inspiration in nature, in the trunks and branches of trees on which she works using a perfect and pure technique. She has developed her skills throughout her many years of practice, observation and study of nature. To this experience that she has acquired by working the wood, she adds the spices of painting them with her magical colours. In doing so se she transforms branches, trunks and roots, changing them into genuine works of art.

Sylvia’s work bears her personal mark and style and translates what she wants to express. As a result, her work speaks for itself, it only needs the pleasure of being contemplated.»

Vicente Herrero
Art exhibition commissioner and Gallery Owner